Wild boar delivery

Posted on: December 30th, 2015 by Philip Reddaway No Comments
Wild boar loin joint

Wild boar loin joint


Wold boar leg

Wild boar leg

Our very generous neighbouring farmers the Belle family have just delivered a (thankfully beautifully butchered) couple of Sanglier (Wild Boar) joints. I am thrilled as it’s a meat that I just love. The Belles hunt for boar and other game up on the slopes of Mt. Ventoux and this year their Christmas week haul was no less than 6 boars, a near record total. In the last few years the boar population has increased exponentially – farmers and vignerons now regard them as a major pest and culling by the chasseurs is very much encouraged. Mainly nocturnal beasts the boar is not an animal you will want to run up against outside your car – though not usually aggressive to humans they will surely give you a fright, the male can run to over 300K in weight. One little known curious fact is that the Wild Boar is an expert wine taster – exceptionally sensitive to unripe tannins they will reject grapes that are not optimally ripe – I have even heard winemakers say that when they are considering which plots to harvest next during the vendange those that were being attacked by the boar the previous night are a useful indicator! And for those looking to shed a pound or two post-Christmas, the meat is one of leanest red meats available. Thank you so very much famille Belle.


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